Up to 450 cats will compete in Championship, Premiership, Kittens and Household Pet classes. 
... And much more!
Join us September Sept 9-10, 2017 
At the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, VA. 

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Breed Booths

Breed Booths

Highlighting different breeds

Rescue and Education

Rescue and Education

Cat & Kitten Adoptions

Specialty Vendors

Specialty Vendors

Gifts, toys, clothes, and more..

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  • Selected vendors for the 2017 show are now being listed at Vendors for the National Capital Cat Show. Check back for updates!

The Exotic


HHP Sponsorship in loving memory of Anna, the "Grande Dame of Household Pets".

Anna, the Grande Dame of Household Pets

Pictured above on her 20th birthday.

Featured Breeds

This year we are featuring the Exotic

For busy people who like the look of a Persian but don’t have time for the daily grooming demands, the Exotics are the best kept secret of the cat fancy.

They are bred to meet the Persian standard in every way with one very special exception: the coat has a thick, dense, plush, short coat. The Exotic coat is unique to the breed and gives them a soft, rounded, teddy bear look. Their wonderful coat requires much less combing than a Persian’s and will not mat or tangle. Because of the ease of grooming for this special breed, Exotics are sometimes affectionately referred to as the lazy man’s Persian.

The easy going nature of the Exotic allows it to fit into your home at any age. Exotics stay playful as adults and bring pleasure for many years. All things considered, the Exotic is a wonderful addition to any family. Adorable to look at, peaceful and clean, what more could you ask for the perfect pet. 

Expect to see a lot of Exotics at the National Capital Cat Show.