Play at the best casino with us on 25 euro casino bonus ohne einzahlung. Bonus for the first 100 people! You’ve all heard about dog agility competitions, and have thoroughly enjoyed watching the dogs whip through the obstacle courses with determination and speed. Amazing how they can climb up and down those high steps and race through those weave pole areas. Now, can you actually imagine a cat lowering its dignity enough to do that?

But, of course! Cats are definitely trainable and most are willing to follow a feather or dangling toy anywhere! It can also be pretty funny to watch, too!

Some cats take to the course like a duck to water, and have it down pat when it comes to running through tunnels and jumping through hoops. Others, though, seem to be more curious about the course, and will thoroughly inspect each obstacle before even thinking about tackling it. And then there are those competing cats who think the idea is to put their owners through the course paces, and give the humans a really good work-out while trying to coax them out of a tunnel or over a jump.

Come Watch the Feline Agility Competition at the National Capital Cat Show! 

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